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Face Yoga- A Promising tool to have youthful skin forever
05 October 2021
Face Yoga- A Promising tool to have youthful skin forever
Face Yoga- A Promising tool to have youthful skin forever

A Promising Tool to have youthful skin forever


What is Face Yoga?


Face Yoga is a simple tool to help you maintain and improve your facial health. The methods used in face yoga aids in stimulating the muscles, skin, and lymphatic system, making yourself look, feel, and think younger.


The Face is highly exposed to changes in the environment and exploited through spontaneous expressions. All the 57 muscles from your scalp to the Face are 24/7 in use, without a single second of rest. Face yoga enables you to relax, ease, and stimulate these muscles to boost your collagen levels naturally.


How does Face Yoga work?


Face yoga uses the techniques and principles of traditional yoga postures to revitalize the cells, muscles, and skin connected with the Face. It includes your scalp, forehead, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, cheeks, neck, and shoulders. Face Yoga involves focused as well as holistic methods of performing Yoga. A focused approach targets a specific part of your Face, while holistic methods can rejuvenate your Face's features from the scalp to shoulders.


Why should you practice Face Yoga?


The largest organ of the human body is your skin. By correcting our routine, consuming healthy nutrients, doing some exercises and breathing techniques, we can prevent aging, keep our skin healthy, and treat many skin disorders.


Here are some significant benefits of Face Yoga:


● Get a naturally glowing face

● Young, cleared, and radiant skin

● Smooth flow of oxygen and blood for the entire body

● Maintain fresh skin for years together.


How to do Face Yoga?


Face Yoga experts believe that once you start the regime, there is no turning back.


How to start? : At Bodhi Yoga academy, we advise beginners to practice facial exercises and breathing techniques two or three times a day.


Duration of practice: You can start by dedicating 10mins for face yoga and slowly increase based on your comfort level.


On What should I focus? While practicing Face Yoga, remember to keep a smile and be positive throughout the practice. If you are anxious to get the benefits, you are only stressing yourself. Show all the love to your Face and see the magic unwind.


Mantra for progress in Face Yoga: How do you learn to swim? You position your body, practice the movements, get used to breathing techniques, and then you put your leg in action. Face Yoga experts at Bodhi say that Face Yoga also requires step-by-step progress. Remember to start with simple pranayamas like Kapalbhati, then move towards more significant areas of your Face and gradually to the specific and smaller muscles on your Face



Why Kapalbhati Pranayama for Face Yoga: Kapalbhati pranayama focuses on removing toxins from your skull and forehead. Kapalbhati pranayama improves blood circulation to your entire Face resulting in the removal of acne, Glowing skin, and a bright Face.


4 Poses for Beginners:


1)For Eyes:

Make a thumbs-up sign with your hand and feel your eyeballs using your thumb. Gently massage for eyeballs 10-20 times in both directions. Keep breathing slowly. After you finish, release your thumb and open your eyes after 5 seconds.


2)For Jawlines:

Close your eyes, make a pout, hold the pout for a few seconds and keep breathing slowly. Exhale as you release the pout after 20 seconds. Repeat this five times to fix your jawline


3)For Cheeks:

Fill your mouth with air. Hold it and feel the nice stretch all over your cheeks. Keep breathing slowly. After 30 seconds, you may release. Repeat this five times to stimulate blood circulation on your Face.


4) For the entire Face:

With the tip of your fingers, gently tap and press the skin on your forehead, eyes, around your nose, cheeks, chin, and neck in one direction. Keep breathing. Repeat for 10-20 times until you feel completely relaxed.


Sneha Shankar

Certified Yoga Trainer - RYT500, Bodhi Yoga Training Academy

  • Bodhi School of Yoga

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